Crested Gecko: Reasons Why they are Phenomenal Gecko Pets

Crested geckos are known to have a very calm temperament, same with a leopard gecko. However, you’ll find them more unique than the latter. And if you are planning to get your first reptile, you should get crested geckos; there are several things to love about them.

What is a crested gecko?

Crested geckos or eyelash geckos were once thought to be extinct but rediscovered in 1994. They are endemic to South Province in New Caledonia. Although crested gecko has a low population in the wild and protected Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species, these geckos are legal to own as pets.

A crested gecko typically grows from 15 to 25 cm in length from the tip to its tail (10 to 15 cm, tail length). One of their distinctive features is its hair-like projections above its eyes, resembling eyelashes, which continue down to their tails. These geckos do not have eyelids, but they have a transparent scale in their eyes that keep the eyes moist.

Additionally, crested geckos have a semi-prehensile tail, used to assist them in climbing. And to distract the predators, same with other geckos, the crested geckos drop their tails. Unfortunately, these tails do not regenerate once it is lost; in fact, several adult wild crested geckos lack tails.

Even so, crested geckos are adorable little geckos, where they come in different shades and patterns. There are more reasons to love about crested geckos, including:

#1: They are easy to feed

Crested geckos are easy to feed; they’re easy to care for.

In captivity, crested geckos mostly eat a variety of fruits and insects. And if you are uncomfortable feeding them with insects, you may feed them with paste-like substance, called Crested Gecko Diet or Commercial crested gecko food. These commercial goods come in powder form; easy to prepare and mix.

How often do you feed a crested gecko?

Baby crested geckos should be fed every day, while the adults are fed three or four times a week.

#2: They are great jumpers

One of the coolest things about crested geckos is their ability to jump long distances. They are fearless when it comes to jumping long and high. The flip side to this is they jump without good judgment. They will jump from anywhere and will land wherever their jump will take them. Sometimes, they would jump at your face when near their cage; it is surprising but cute.

#3: They can change color

Did you know that crested geckos can change colors too?

Crested geckos can fire up (more vibrant) and fire down (dull) their shades; the process of firing up and down is influenced by their mood and the change in their environment. For instance:

  • If the surrounding is in high humidity, around 70 percent, cresties fire up their color.
  • If the surrounding is at a high temperature, around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, fire up their shades.
  • If it is dark, cresties will fire up their color into the darker shade to hide from predators.
  • When they are sleeping, cresties will fire down their color to a darker shade.
  • When they are under stress, experiencing fear, and being aggressive, cresties will fire up their color.

Changing their color is quite interesting.

#4: They do not smell

Crested geckos do not smell, and they aren’t messy. You can leave their enclosure for a month without cleaning, and it wouldn’t smell. However, to ensure they are always clean and healthy, you still need to clean their enclosure at least once a month. Also, it is an advantage to fill the base of their place with a moisture-filled substrate; it will help absorb the poop.

#5: They are very friendly

The crested gecko has a calm temperament. Also, these geckos can put up with adequate handling. Crested geckos are considered one of the friendliest geckos, which is ideal for beginners.

The thing is, when they are very comfortable with you, they would always look for ways to jump on you.

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